Jim Ablett supplied Android compiles
Graham Banks made a funny, cartoon-like logo
Matthew R. Brades, Denis Mendoza and Martin Sedlak supplied Linux compiles of some 1.x versions
Lucas Braesch prompted me repeteadly to maintain Linux compatibility
Dann Corbit has sent a patch allowing to use popcount intrinsics and fast 64-bit compiles, pointed some bugs.
Jon Dart supplied a Linux patch of some bitboard functions
Kestutis Gasaitis made a thorough code inspection of 0.xx versions, spotting bugs and suggesting improvements.
Raimar Goldschmidt supplied several bugfixes and created personality testing framework
Dave Kaye prepared Rodent II to be compiled under Linux
Denis Mendoza created a logo featuring Speedy Gonzales
Ferdinand Mosca created very funny KingHunter personality
Brendan J. Norman created Henny and Remy personalities and reviewed Rodent
Frank Quasinsky tested Rodent for FCP rating list
Pablo Vazquez has kindly allowed me to use the codebase of Sungorus to start this project