Welcome at the homepage of Glass - a chess engine, written by Edmund Moshammer and Pawel Koziol.

What is to be expected from Glass? Its current strength is estimated as about 2600 on CCRL scale (which has been devalued by 100 points recently). It requires a Graphical User Interface, such as Arena or FritzGui, in order to run smoothly (we don't expect anybody to use it in the console mode - this is possible, but rather unpleasant). It is not much of an attacker (we are trying to change it), but pretends to have a "feel" for minor piece placement.

Glass is distributed free of charge, with no warranty whatsoever (we expect it to play chess, though). Its source code remains closed, because looking at this mess is unlikely to benefit anyone.

Current version is Glass 2.0 PERSONALITY, released on the 25th of February 2012, the last of this developement line. We have decided to reshape Glass into a tool to help in analysis of human games and started working on that. More details to follow.

If You have any queries or bug reports, please drop a note to pp.koziol_at_gmail.com (replacing _at_ with a @ sign).

(first two logos by Pawel Koziol, last one - by Graham Banks)